The Seed Biblioteek is a seed library fostered by food activist, artist, researcher and seed librarian Zayaan Khan in Cape Town, South Africa. Her collection was unintentionally born from a communal effort to protect rural dwellers from eviction, and became a living and materially embedded repository for knowledge exchange, food sovereignty, interspecies sensitivity, tangential epistemologies and resilient biodiversity. 
Radio gardening was conceived as a way to give a sonic dimension to this existing collection, in the hope of promoting its performativity and literally making the stories of these seeds and their surroundings heard. 
The process of sonic collection coincidently took place during confinement andZayaan’s passage into motherhood. The conversations highlight the caring involved in seed work, and invoke reproduction in its most worldly and potent generative capacity.
#FIELD-RECORDINGS<br><br>Field recordings from the Fazendinha recorded by Niko de Paula Lefort. Samples include ants, bees, squirrels, micos-estrela (black-tufted marmoset), maritacas (pianus), jacutingas (black-fronted piping guan), seriemas, sabiás (rufous), colibris (beija-flor), various other species of birds, insects and amphibians, and the electricity network of the region.
#FAZENDINHA<br><br>Fazendinha is a small property at the end of a dirt road between the villages Piedade do Paraopeba and Aranha, in Brumadinho, Brazil. During six months of confinements, it was possible to sonically testify a confluence of events involving the surrounding interspecies community, many of which registered as field recordings by Niko de Paula Lefort, whose music, which was composed within this environment, is also featured in this channel.
The nearest neighbour, Seu Zé (75), born and raised in this place, was our main human interaction during this time, kind enough to share his knowledge and many anecdotes about the surrounding life.
Most of the conversations with Zayaan from Seed Biblioteek took place while also conducting the practice of seed collecting at the Fazendinha. Many of the sounds from this channel revolve around the seeds, the leading threads of many exchanges.
#META<br><br>Lucubrations on archiving, collecting, cataloguing, navigation, cartographies, information systems, epistemologies, ethics, objectification, colonialism, botanics, research, trust…
#SONICGARDEN<br><br>For the residency at 16by16 in Lagos Nigeria, we documented the process of creating a communal urban garden in a new space called Plan B in Ajasa street. A radio booth was designed and built adjacent to the garden, and during several months the people involved in the project shared their testimonials, knowledge on plants, snippets of the demolition and reconstruction work, and fragments of everyday life in the emergence of a new garden.
During the period of the residency, people in Nigeria lived through the eruption of the END SARS protests, which made its way into this sound archive in fragments.
The main contributor of sonicgarden is T-SHINE, an artist and musician from HFactor Collective, whose enthusiasm and dedication provided outstanding accounts of the implementation of Plan B’s garden and life in the streets of Lagos Island in the form of experimental radio shows, sound-walks, soundscapes and music.
#INTERSPECIES&JERIVÁ<br><br>Samples of the interactions of animals with the seeds, especially the interaction around the ripe coconut of the Jerivá (queen palm), eaten by bees, maritacas (pianus), ants, jacutinhas (black-fronted piping guan), caxigueles (squirrels), and in different ways by children.
#REPRODUCTION&CARE<br><br>Intersections between seed work and maternity. A seed is the beginning and the end of the reproductive cycle of plants. Collecting, storing and fostering seeds viability, diversity and endurance converses with the care and demand dedicated in the unfolding of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
#ENDSARS<br><br>Fragments of the END SARS protests in Lagos, Nigeria.
#T-SHINE<br><br>The artist and musician T-SHINE explores experimental radio formats with his phone in the streets of Lagos island and in the construction site of Plan B. Special attention is paid to the episodes of his show “Thank God is Friday”.
#CONSTRUCTION<br><br>Fragments of the construction work taking place in Ajasa street for a new space called Plan B, where a radio booth and a communal urban garden are at the heart of the happenings.